Xenzuu – Social Media Plattform

Use Xenzuu as a social media platform and make money on the side:

  • You are logged in on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram or others, use them regularly and have not earned a cent yet?
  • Or are you looking for a way to generate a permanent, passive income that regularly pays commissions for you?

Then Xenzuu could be just right for you!

Xenzuu is the social media platform that pays commissions to its members for its use!

The possibilities to receive commissions are very varied. The registration is free and the commissions are basically incidentally, while your Chat, share, comment or like with your friends.

How much can I earn at Xenzuu?

At Xenzuu there are the following ways to get commissions:

1 .The Social Media Bonus:

The social media bonus will be given to you every day, for the previous day, for using Xenzuu as a social media platform, e.g. for liking, sharing, posting and commenting on posts. However, we do not want to disclose the exact calculation in order not to influence a normal user behavior.

2.The Activity Bonus:

t the beginning of each month, all advertising revenues generated in the previous month are added together and distributed to the active members of Xenzuu. An active member is any member who logged in on at least 10 different days within the last 30 days and uploaded a profile picture. The commissions are calculated as follows:

80% of Xenteuu’s monthly advertising revenue is divided by the number of active members this month. Each active user then receives 5% of this amount, as well as 5% of this amount for all active members of his downline, maximum 10 levels deep.

An example:

Assuming Xenzuu pays $ 30,000 in advertising revenue per month to 30,000 members, it will give you 5% of 80 cent = 4 cents per member. In our 3 × 10 matrix, the earning opportunity in the optimal case looks something like this:

User selbst5%=0,04 $
1. Level3 Refs5% x 3=0,12 $
2. Level 9 Refs5% x 9=0,36 $
3. Level 27 Refs5% x 27=1,08 $
4. Level 81 Refs5% x 81=3,24 $
5. Level 243 Refs5% x 243=9,72 $
6. Level 729 Refs5% x 729=29,16 $
7. Level 2187 Refs5% x 2187=87,48 $
8. Level 6561 Refs5% x 6561=262,44 $
9. Level   19683 Refs5% x 19683=787,32 $
Total:= 1180,96 $

It should be noted that it is not necessary to directly advertise members, since the matrix fills independently. New members without a sponsor are automatically inserted in the right place to ensure a uniform structure of the matrix.

For more information on bonus commissions HERE in our FAQs …

And this is how it works:

After registering for free HERE, you fill in your profile as far as you want, upload a profile picture of yourself, invite a few of your friends and do what you do on other social media platforms. Write messages, like or share mail, chat with members, etc.

How can I promote members for Xenzuu?

Promoting new members for Xenzuu has the advantage that your downline builds up faster and you get faster commissions faster. This can be done in many ways. There are no limits to creativity. Here are just a few examples:

  • Email your ad to friends who are interested in joining Xenzuu.
  • Promote the opportunity to earn money with Xenzuu using your promotional link to earn money from new members promoting Xenzuu (Multi Level Marketing) …
  • Your personal coupon code under “Backoffice” can be used to advertise for Xenzuu by ad or in the print media (ad, flyer, etc.).
  • Post a comment to Xenzuu in your blog and use your advertising link to receive commissions from newcomers.
  • etc.

So, what are you waiting for … Join Xenzuu and make some money on the side …

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