How to earn with “”

What is offered here?

We offer you the opportunity to earn money by reading advertising ads.

Immediately after your registration you will receive from us 5.00 € start bonus as a thank you for participation.

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Is membership free?

The membership is free and can be terminated by you at any time. There are no hidden contracts or similar.

How can I earn money?

To read ads, you need to log in to your user account. Under “Anzeigen lesen” you will find the current offers of our advertisers.

Each ad has a confirmation link at the bottom of the ad text that you can use to visit the advertised website. After a minimum stay of 30 seconds, you will automatically receive your compensation.

Please note: we are not Paidmailer. All ads are found daily in your login area!

How can I earn more?

By promoting new members. You will find your personal referral link in your login area.

If a new member signs up via your reference link, you will receive for life 10% of the merit that this member earns by reading ads (1st level).

If members of your first level recruit additional members (2nd level), you will receive 5% of their earnings for life.

In order to earn money through your referrals, you do not have to read ads yourself. There is no mandatory “minimum activity” or similar.

Please note that the creation of multiple or fake memberships is not allowed and leads to the blocking of the account!

Why can you only earn 0.2 cents per ad?

If we were to increase the remuneration, we would also have to increase the advertising prices. Then, however, hardly any bookings would be made, as an advertising circuit for the advertisers must of course be profitable.

By reading the ads we offer you no income in the sense of a part-time job, but a small additional pocket money as a reward for your participation.

If you want to earn more, you can increase your earnings at any time by promoting new members (see above).

What is the number of ads?

The number of ads depends on the booking volume of our advertisers.

How can I withdraw my balance?

For a minimum balance of 20.00 €, an entry form appears under “Credit” in your login area. You can then request a withdrawal to your bank or paypal account.

Have actually been already paid € 33,619.60?

Yes. The sum is correct and will be updated by the system with each additional payout.

To start the service until reaching 10,000 members, we have paid a refund bonus of € 1.00 for each newly recruited member.

Furthermore, we have already organized some ref-rallies with prize money of over € 2,000 each.

You can follow our last 50 payouts here.

We wish you good luck and good service!

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